Meet Your Neighbours – Michelle and Ervin

Hello! Please meet Michelle and Ervin, your new neighbours!

They are first-time homebuyers who recently bought a new home at the Harvest Townhomes in The Meadows in the Rosewood community of Saskatoon.  

Here’s what they have to say about their home, neighbourhood, Arbutus and why they’re excited to be part of The Meadows community.

Why did you choose to call The Meadows your home?

Michelle: For me it was the boulevards and the trees. And the homes with front porches. Most communities lack the genuine feel of a community. The Meadows feels like a community. I like the uniqueness of the Craftsmen style homes, and the Meadows Market. The Meadows is not a nondescript suburb where you just go to sleep and then leave to live your life somewhere else. It feels like home.

Ervin: For me it started at the James Hotel. I met most of the Arbutus team while I was working there. Whenever they spoke about Arbutus they did it with so much enthusiasm and good intentions. I just knew that their heart was in the right place, and I felt really good about that. This all happened before Michelle and I were even thinking about moving to The Meadows.

Why did you choose the Harvest Townhomes?

Michelle & Ervin: We both work a lot. It truly was a lifestyle choice. We actually never thought of buying a townhome, but we just loved the layout. Ervin works at The James Hotel and is also a dance instructor at Saskatoon Salsa. Michelle has been studying osteopathy for the last five years and is writing her thesis to complete her certification all while working as a sole proprietor and building her practice.  

The layout of the townhouse was really perfect for Michelle’s business actually, as she has a home clinic where she offers Manual Therapy treatments. We had never thought of buying a townhouse, but the layout was perfect for Michelle’s clinic and allowed us to maintain a similar lifestyle to what we’re accustomed without the extra responsibilities of home ownership like yard maintenance, and snow removal.

What is your favourite feature of your home?

Michelle: The big beautiful windows … our home is so bright !!!

Ervin: The kitchen … I love to cook

Why did you choose an Arbutus home?

Michelle & Ervin: The Quality …. We had looked around other developments. When we got to The Meadows we could just feel and see it. And … we love the open concept of our townhome.

saskatoon townhomes in the meadows

What is the coolest thing about you?

Michelle: My husband is the coolest thing about me. His passion for life is extraordinary. The way he makes people feel special …. that is a gift. His approach to life in general … his compassion and wisdom. I’m really lucky to share my life with someone like him…oh and he’s got incredible skills in the kitchen!

Ervin: Michelle is the most beautiful person …. She has a passion for making people feel better. She is constantly improving herself … making everything around her better. She is very much into health and creating beautiful spaces for people to be.

Michelle & Ervin: We have passions we share like dancing and the outdoors. And we have our own passions too. Ervin loves fishing and soccer. Michelle loves reading, yoga and the arts.

Nicknames as kid?

Ervin: Pitzi … it means “little baby” and it stuck with me. I love nick names and proceeded to give all of my family and friend’s nicknames … Nana, Tasi, Tato, Bebe …Michelle doesn’t have a nickname, but I call her “monkey” … my monkey!

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Michelle: I was having a late night snack of peanut butter and apples in a hotel room in Hualien, Taiwan with only the light of the little tv flickering in the room. For some reason I decided to turn on the light only to discover the apple, peanut butter, and knife… EVERYTHING was covered in ants. I guess I got some extra protein that night!

Ervin: I had sashimi once in the Cayman Islands that was so fresh it was still moving when I put it in my mouth.

Most triumphant moment?

Ervin: Meeting Michelle … it was as if time stopped … everything stood still. It truly was LOVE at first sight.

Michelle: Finishing my exams in Osteopathy.  I felt so much JOY.

If you could have a Super Power … what would it be?

Michelle:  Modern lifestyles are so fast …. I would love to be able to stop time – freeze time. Slow everything down. Allow everyone to just connect with their true authentic selves.

Ervin: To make everybody Happy!

Final Words?

Michelle: I am just really excited about being part of a growing community, because I can be a part of creating the type of community it will be …. for example … I love community gardens and can’t wait to start growing my own food!

Michelle Kormos Ervin Kormos Saskatoon townhome

If you’d like to be part of The Meadows community, please feel free to contact us.

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