3 Hot Design Trends

After an amazing weekend at the HomeStyles Home Show, we thought it would be great to create some home style and inspiration for those of you out there that need a support  in the design area.

Our Guest Blog is Brought To You By: Jen Hawk of Occupy Design

Occupy your decorHere are 3 design trends that are hot this season and easily added to your home!!

Scandinavian Beauty with a Copper Hue

The Scandinavian design movement is still going strong. Clean lines, minimal use of materials, strong presence of black and white and the use of light wood tones –it would be hard for anyone to resist. Now being added into the mix is the use of copper – this season’s hottest metal trend. Keep an eye out for copper popping up everywhere, especially in lighting and accessories

Design trends

A Design World of Textiles

As our globe becomes more and more accessible- the reach of products does the same. We will see an influx of “worldly” textile making their way into homes this season.

textile design meadows saskatoon

Sharp Design Edges

Move over succulents. When It comes to greenery– especially for modern interiors, the cactus is where it is at. There will be no shortage of these prickly hits of vegetation making appearances in interiors everywhere

design edges

Having a design idea (or at least a color scheme) picked out for your home will make your design and style purchasing a lot smoother. As always, please let us know if we can help you with anything, in regards to your home buying process; even if all you want to do is talk about design!

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