Back to School

It is hard to believe that it is back to school next week! Summer is a time for fun, carefree days and getting back into the school routine can be hard on everyone if you don’t have a plan. Here are some tips to help make your whole family’s transition back to school a little bit easier.

Get Organized

Get organized by taking an inventory of last years school supplies and what you will need to purchase for this year. When shopping for supplies make a list and put similar items together, so you can stay organized in the store.   Just like you, your home also needs to be organized for back to school. Make sure you have spots in your home for backpacks, shoes, coats and lunch kits that are easy for your kids to get to. Don’t forget Meadows Market is open just in time for your back to school shopping!


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Morning Routine

Mornings are often one of the hardest things to get back into after a summer of sleeping in. A morning routine is essential to get everyone use to those early mornings. Consider a morning checklist for both you and your kids with predetermined times for each task.


child girl wakes up in morning in bed and stretches by window

Packing Lunches

Packing lunches is a task that lots of parents dread for back to school. To make it a bit easier, buy bulk packages of snacks and organize lunch ingredients in one part of your fridge to make lunches easier and faster.  Ask your kids to help in creating and preparing their lunches, especially if you have picky eaters. 

Mother giving healthy lunch for school in the morning

Family Calendar

If your family is involved in extracurricular activities consider a family calendar that everyone has easy access to.  At the beginning of each month go over the activities and events your family has so everyone is aware. It is easy to forget how busy you are during the school year, so making sure you are all aware of your activities will help you all stay organized.
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Evening and Bedtime Routine

Create an evening routine that works for your family. Make sure to establish where and when your kids do their homework. Have your kids lay out clothes for the next day and pack their backpacks before going to bed. For yourself set up the breakfast table and do any breakfast prep you can the night before. Also consider setting weekday and weekend bedtimes and routines.

girl doing her homework

Happy back to school and have an amazing year!

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