Beat the Heat

We are having a hot hot summer in Saskatoon. Keeping cool during this hot weather is very important, so we came up with a few tips and tricks to help beat the heat and enjoy this amazing weather.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

We know you want to open those blinds and enjoy the sunlight coming through your windows, but on hot days keeping your blinds and drapes closed will stop your air conditioner from running non-stop which will keep your power bill down. Instead, open your windows in the evening to catch the cool evening breeze.

Photo of female hands using wand to close windows blinds

Visit a Patio

Keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water is very important during this heat wave but that does not mean you can’t also enjoy a cool beverage on one of Saskatoons many patios. Here is a list of the best patios in our city!

Sangria or punch with fruit on a wooden table in a restaurant and bokeh

Play in the Water

Take a splash in one of our cities pools, paddle pools and splash parks. A great way to keep cool outside while enjoying the summer. Check out locations and open times here. 

Group of cute kids playing on inflatable tubes in a swimming pool on a sunny day

BBQ Instead of Cook

At the end of a hot day, no one wants to stand in front of a hot oven or stove so turn on that BBQ instead.  Plus having the oven or stove on adds extra heat to your house, so enjoy the evening air and dine on your deck or porch.

Closeup of grilled shashliks on grate

We hope you stay cool, beat the heat and enjoy the sunny summer we are having!

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