Steps To Building a Custom Home with Arbutus Properties

At Arbutus Properties we strive to make the Custom Home Building experience as positive and enjoyable as possible. We have broken down the construction process into seven proven and efficient steps that give our clients an opportunity to feel as much involved as they feel comfortable and we work to take as much stress as possible out of the building process.

Step One – Lot Selection and Design Consultation:

The first step is to set up a meeting with the clients and our sales team to gain information on what the customer is looking for in their home. We listen and give feedback on client needs and wants so we can accurately assess the vision they have for their home. We work with them on budget, style and location so we can come up with some different presentation options and solutions that fit within their vision.

Step Two – Presentation Options:

With the valuable information we were able to gather in step one, we are able to either come up with some custom design options or in some cases a revision to one of our existing home model plans. If we have an approved plan, we walk the clients through the blueprints as if we were touring the actual home, explaining space, layout & highlighted features so the clients get the true feel of the home.

Step Three – Contract Of Custom Home:

Once we have an accepted plan and a clear understanding of specifications and additions, we enter the contract stage. We create a contract which includes the contract, approved drawings & an approved specification sheet. Once the signed contract is complete we move on to the “Fun” stage, Interior Design.

Step Four – Interior Design On Custom Homes:

Arbutus Properties is unique as we have our own in-house professional interior designer as well as a custom Design Studio where clients can feel relaxed and can make all their choices and selections under one roof.  Our designer acts as a support resource in assisting with the selection of materials and colours that fit with our client’s personal taste, and can give great feedback on a variety of different styles, designs & tastes. Our Design Studio is stocked with various trending selections, and if we don’t have certain selections that are of interest, we will source requested selections through our supplier partners to fit within the clients design. Our goal in this stage is to make the design process as enjoyable and positive as possible rather than a frustrating process full of doubt.

Step Five – Framing Walk-Through:

A Framing Walkthrough takes place with our clients when the home is closed in with windows, stairs & safety railing. In this stage we discuss the electrical layout with our electrical contractor present as well as walk-through the home so clients get a good sense of the spaces. This is a great opportunity as it is common within this stage for clients to request minor changes or add additional items to the home which we can usually accommodate through our Change Order system.

Step Six – Completion Walk-Through:

Approximately one week prior to possession Arbutus Properties sets up a time to walk through the finished home with the clients. This is an opportunity for clients to review the finished product prior to taking possession. This stage is also a time for Arbutus personnel to educate and answer questions on various maintenance, warranties, functions and controls that are included throughout the home.

Step Seven – Possession:

This is the stage where we meet the clients at their new custom home. Handing the keys over to excited clients is the most exciting and rewarding stage in our home building process. Clients usually feel a sense of accomplishment at this point, as our process has allowed them to feel a part of the creation of their newly construction home.

The Arbutus custom home program is an industry leading process that removes the unknowns from the building experience. We value positive experiences and will always strive to make truly lasting relationships with our clients.

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