Design Trends to look for in 2023

We are so excited for the new year here at Arbutus and all the new things to come! There is something about a new start and a fresh clean colour palette for the New Year! We are loving the direction design has been going over the years and excited to see whats to come in the new year.

Guest Blog Brought To You By: Jen Lapsiuk, Arbutus Properties Designer

Here are a few design trends to watch for in 2023

1. Nature

Nature inspired colour palettes are here to stay. Whether its softer greens and blues or warm earthy tones, these esthetically pleasing colours help to calm the soul. The use of organic materials and sustainability is something we are going to continue to see this year. The urge for minimalism and being happy with less is a trend that is here to stay.

2. Deep Saturated Colours

We are seeing a trend towards darker moodier colour palettes. People want character and dimension in their homes, you are going to see more texture and more colour instead of basic white. Deeper tones and patterns will be found through homes, in kitchens and décor. You may see the use of darker appliances, cabinets, vintage décor, and darker wood. Furniture choices will be more bold and deeper, earthier colour tones.

3. Stone

With the focus coming back to texture and contrast, you are going to see more options for countertop and stone throughout the home. Large veining patterns give visual interest and continuing the countertop up the backsplash will create a seamless minimalist feel. You will see textured countertops as well as soapstone and travertine products. Large fireplace stone focal points will aim to bring a nature inspired feel into the home.

4. Warmer Tones

Greys, greiges and cool colour tones are out. You will see more and more warmer tones this year. Browns, rusts and creams will be prominent in colour schemes. You may start to see the use of taupes for trim and door accents paired with a light cream wall colour. You will also see more creativity when it comes to paint colours- nooks and ceiling painted, door accents, etc. The use of warm light to medium wood tones continues to be a high desire for homeowners but you will also see more mixed wood tones and not so much uniformity.

5. Sustainability

There still seems to be a high desire to purchase sustainable products. You will continue to see a shift towards vintage finds and quality furniture. The use of cheap unsustainable furniture will continue to be found less popular. Our society has become more conscious of using eco-friendly products while being mindful of the environment and what goes to the landfill.

When deciding on finishes and décor for your home its important to be true to yourself and what makes you happy!

We are always more than happy to guide you in a direction that suits your personality. Ask us about our planned homes that you can still put your finishing touches on.