Keep Your House On The Market During The Winter

Have you thought about pulling your house off the market for the winter months of November, December and January?

While many homeowners do decide to pull their house off the market for the winter months, there are a few reasons why should leave your home on the market.

house hunting in the winter saskatoon

Reason 1:

People looking for houses during this time are usually very serious and typically in a hurry to purchase. Who else looks for homes during one of the busiest times of the year?

Reason 2:

There may be less inventory during the winter months which may equate to you getting more for your home as there is less competition during the cold Saskatoon winters.

Reason 3:

You do not know what the spring market might bring. It would be the same, worse or better than it was in the winter so really if you are serious about selling your home leaving it up is acceptable.

Reason 4:

Houses in winter sometimes sell faster than homes in the summer or fall as individuals needing to move during the winter months are usually doing so for reasons such as job, death, marriage, babies, etc.


For more information about why it’s a good idea to keep your home on the market during the holidays read more here.


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