Meet Your Neighbour: Janet

Meet our new neighbour, Janet! She is one of our most recent neighbours to join the exclusive gated community at Sterling Gate. Here’s what she has to say about one of the newest communities in Saskatoon.

Why did you choose to call The Meadows your home?

I love the drive to The Meadows … the big open spaces, the trees, the park … it just doesn’t look very crowded.

Why did you choose your particular home – The Sterling Gate Snowberry bungalow?

I love my new home! When I first saw it, I liked it right away. First of all, it was different from anything else I had looked at in Saskatoon. I love the quality of the workmanship and all the features … especially the big windows.

What is your favourite feature of your home?

The great big windows. I just love looking out and seeing the trees and the park.

Why did you choose Arbutus Properties over another home builder?

Quality and features. The homes and the community are really different from what we are used to seeing in Saskatoon.

Homes in the Meadows area of Saskatoon by Arbutus Properties

What is the coolest thing about you?   

What you see is what you get! My entire life has been exciting. I made it from growing up on the farm, to working at Birks and then Continental Airlines.

Most embarrassing moment?    

My most embarrassing and really most horrifying moment … I was driving our farm’s 3-ton truck full of grain. As you can imagine, you cannot slam on the brakes too much. So…somehow our neighbour’s pigs got loose … and I ran over all of them! I cried for days and never drove that 3-ton truck again.

Most triumphant moment?    

Having my children!

If you could have a super power, what would it be?         

I would love to have healing hands.

Do you have a hidden talent that people don’t know about?

I don’t really have anything hidden, especially not a talent that I know of. But I love life and I believe in maintaining loving and caring relationships, which is an art on its own. My motto – relationships are the classroom for the soul.

If you’d like to be part of The Meadows community, and if you want to become our newest neighbour, please feel free to contact us.

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