Meet Your New Neighbour – Shelley

Meet Shelley! Your new neighbour  recently bought our most popular floor plan a Morris Laneway Home. Here’s what she has to say and why she and her sons are excited to be part of The Meadows community.

Why did you choose to call the Meadows your home?

I was driving around the Rosewood area looking for a condo on Rosewood Gate and decided to turn into The Meadows because I saw the sign and it looked prestigious. I decided to go and see what it was like.  Then I came across The Morris and I loved the homes from the outside!

I liked the style and the character and the way The Meadows development was planned out. I also liked the grassed areas and trees. I liked that it was all finished and that you didn’t have a neighbor beside you with nothing done, but weeds. I liked that everyone’s yard was the same.

I looked at other places and neighbours’ houses were not done. So for me, it was the already landscaped front yard that comes with an Arbutus home. This was a huge determining factor for choosing my new home in a Saskatoon community. The presentation and quality were all there.

Why did you choose your particular home- The Morris Laneway Home?

When I first drove into the neighbourhood, I loved the home from the outside. I saw the sign with the price range and it was perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for, so I went and found someone and that’s how it started.

I always wanted a house with a veranda and a deck on the front.  Plus it was the perfect size for me and my boys. I don’t need a great big house but I didn’t want a super tiny house. This perfect home was right in the middle – square footage wise. My boys are 12 and 16, so it was perfect with 3 bedrooms. The open floorplan concept was my deal maker. As soon as you come in and see it all open, it looks so much bigger.

What is your favorite feature of your home?

My kitchen island! I love cooking, so as soon as I saw this, it was perfect. Especially since I am a consultant with Pampered Chef, I use my kitchen constantly. That’s my livelihood on the side, so the kitchen is perfect as it’s nice and big, with lots of room.

Saskatoon Morris Floor plan

How has your experience been in dealing with the Arbutus Team?

In general, good and friendly even when I stop in to the office.  After I bought the home, I wanted to be an ambassador for Arbutus. I like that the company builds a nice house. With me living in one, I can verify and justify that this is true.

What is the coolest thing about you?    

Accepting people for who they are and cooking for them. I am a consultant with Pampered Chef and like to spoil my family and friends with delicious meals.

Weirdest thing you ever ate?        

Plum and cream cheese wrapped in bacon.

Nickname as a kid?

Shinbone Shelley …. When I played ball hockey as a young girl I was known to hit people’s shins instead of the ball … purely by accident – of course.

Most triumphant moment?

Becoming a Mom.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?      

To read other people’s minds.

Do you have a hidden talent that people don’t know about?  

I love to play musical instruments and sing. I play the guitar and the keyboard.


If you’d like to be part of The Meadows community, and if you want to become our newest neighbour, please feel free to contact us.

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