New Saskatoon Neighbourhood Development

New Neighbourhood Development In Saskatoon

Media – Saskatoon Home Summer 2015

In his book, Walking Home: The Life and Lessons of a City Builder, author Ken Greenberg writes that a city is “a creation that is always ‘becoming’ but never ‘finished.’” With Saskatoon’s ever-evolving suburban areas, it’s a reflection that certainly applies here at home.

Both the City of Saskatoon and private companies develop our new neighbourhoods—and that’s unique. In most Canadian cities, neighbourhoods are planned and developed solely by private companies, although there are often city-imposed regulations they must follow.

In Saskatoon, some neighbourhoods are completely developed by a private company. Others, like Aspen Ridge, are City-led developments. In this case, Saskatoon Land will allocate 90 per cent of the residential lots to their builder customers (from an approved list of eligible contractors) and the remaining 10 per cent of lots are made available to individuals through lot draws. Other new neighbourhoods, such as Kensington, are created through public-private partnerships.

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